Upgrade your CSGO gear with skins below $ 5, which look more expensive

There are cheap skins in CS: GO that look more expensive. How to upgrade your arsenal for good money?

Skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a kind of prestige indicator. Their prices are often indecent, although you can find some for a reasonable amount and they look pretty good.

In addition, they are eye-catching and you can safely say that they look more expensive than they really are. What skins are we talking about?

Good CS: GO skins that can be purchased for reasonable money

AK-47 | Baroque Purple Minimal Wear

The price of this rifle is quite low because players have forgotten about the existence of such a skin. Nevertheless, it looks very interesting, it has a large “checkered” pattern, which resembles a bit of contemporary Italian fashion. The “Minimal Wear” version can be purchased for less than $ 5 and can attract the attention of other players.

StatTrak AWP | Worm God Minimal Wear

This skin may not be attractive with its price, but it looks really great. It is refined, interesting, and visually impressive. There is a huge supply for this skin, which reduces its price. This rifle, already in the StatTrak version, can be purchased for less than $ 5, which is a fair deal.

M4A4 | Evil Daimyo Minimal Wear

M4A4 does not have such an original design as AWP Worm God, but it is also an interesting skin. It has a few small symbols that can only be seen up close and a combination of black and red, which is a great diversion from the standard black rifle.

StatTrak MP9 | Ruby Poison Dart Minimal Wear

The MP9 is not the most widely used weapon, but nevertheless, it is still useful to some players on the battlefield. If you are one of them, it is worth upgrading, because the skin below can be purchased for less than $ 5, of course. The ruby poison dart provides an elegant design on the weapon that will please the eye during any eco round.

StatTrak Glock-18 | Grinder Minimal Wear

Despite its low price, the Grinder is a collector’s gun. As with the Slaughter or Crimson Web knives, the visible part of the pattern is different on almost every gun. Before purchasing a weapon on the Steam Market, it’s a good idea to first see it in-game and find the perfect match for your taste. A fully visible spiral is the gold standard, but choose something that suits your taste.

USP-S | Cyrex Factory New

Cyrex pleases the eye primarily with its orange, wild color. There are also small symbols on the gun that give it a certain atmosphere. It’s a good idea to upgrade your USP-S with it because if you don’t choose the P2000, it’s a weapon you’ll see after each respawn. Also, if you decide to spend a little more money, you can get the M4A1-S Cyrex included.

The above skins are really interesting and it is worth getting acquainted with them. Perhaps you will be able to improve your weapons in CS: GO and thus slightly diversify the gameplay with new patterns on weapons for a reasonable price.