Counter Strike

Valve developer on CSGO news: “We rarely reply, but read everything”

CS: GO messages may not get a reply, but they are read. Valve developer comment.

One of the former Counter-Strike developers: Global Offensive wrote on social media asking him not to send him messages about Valve’s FPS. As he himself informed – he has not been working on the title for several years.

One of the developers commented on his post, adding an email address and saying that although they rarely reply to messages, those are all read.

Should you report CS: GO issues to Valve’s official email?

As John McDonald reported on his social media:

We rarely reply, bu everything gets read.

The words written by the developer Valve are probably true, so reporting CS:GO issues on this email can indeed be very helpful. When a certain number of people report a problem, there is a very high probability that developers will take any steps to correct the situation.

A pointless step is to “harass” the private profiles of developers, especially those who have not been working on the game for a long time. Direct mail to Valve may be much more effective, although it will probably remain unanswered.