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Valve is working on upgrading the anticheat to CSGO? Making this available to everyone might have had a purpose

There are interesting theories on the web that Valve is working on several significant improvements.

CS:GO players started to connect all the dots, creating a very interesting theory. At the moment, these are only unconfirmed theories of the community, but it may turn out to be some truth in them. However, it is worth approaching it with a bit of uncertainty.

According to players, Valve’s recent moves suggest that the studio is working on improving several important CS: GO elements. Among them, inter alia, anti-cheat.

Will anti-cheat in CS:GO be improved?

The anti-cheat system in CS: GO is not very good, as almost everyone knows. Prime accounts are already a bigger barrier. Interestingly, however, with an update from two weeks ago, everyone got “Broken Fang Premier” and played with Prime-status players.

And here it gets interesting. Why did Valve allow everyone to have this status? There are several theories about this, but they all lead to one conclusion – developers collect data.

Perhaps this data will be used for a very specific purpose, i.e. improving the anti-cheat system.

Of course, this is just an unsubstantiated theory. But in the face of a pressing community, it would make perfect sense for Valve to start collecting all possible information about the community through a larger “gate opening”.