Valve still hasn’t fixed one simple but annoying thing in CSGO on Ancient. What is going on?

The community is frustrated by the actions of Valve’s developers at CSGO. It’s about Ancient.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developers decided to replace Train with Ancient in the tournament map pool quite recently. The decision was met with mixed feelings from the players, but of course, they didn’t have much to say. Now, however, the community is frustrated because Valve has added a new map to the pool and is unable to fix one annoying bug from the start.

What bug is too hard for Valve to fix?

On Ancient, there is a problem with certain textures that can be scanned by default, thus eliminating enemies through walls. Unfortunately, it works only in one direction, so it is not possible to shoot back. This is a really annoying problem that developers should have fixed a few weeks ago.

At present, it is difficult to say when Gabe Newell and the company will finally decide to deal with this problem. The bug doesn’t seem to be complicated, but developers ignore it completely, and so do player calls about it. It is not surprising that the production has recently experienced a huge decrease in users.