Counter Strike

What does an item in CSGO for saving your inventory look and work like? The player’s concept

A member of the CS: GO community suggested an interesting item for the game. It is supposed to save the inventory settings.

One of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community members, who use the name KR1ZER on Reddit, has created a very interesting item for the game. Its task would be to save individual equipment settings in such a way that it could be quickly changed in one go.

“Loadout Save Item” would only be a helpful tool for your inventory, so its price would be low.

What would the item proposed by the CS: GO player look like?

On the screenshot below, you can see what the item would look like and how it would work. Its functioning would be very simple and it would be mainly used to “set up” your equipment faster.

There is a chance that Valve will consider adding this to Counter-Strike as it would be a really useful item primarily for players who have a lot of skins in their inventory.

Different game developers sometimes browse Reddit for interesting inspiration or player feedback. Perhaps Gabe Newell and the crew will find this interesting idea from KR1ZER.