Counter Strike

What gold items can be obtained from each case in CSGO? This will explain it all

One of the CS: GO players created an interesting infographic. It shows which gold items can be purchased from chests.

One of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community members posted a very interesting infographic on Reddit. It presents all gold items that can be purchased from individual chests in the game.

This makes it easier to find a chest that, with a bit of luck, will allow you to drop the desired item.

How does the player’s infographic look like?

Below you can see the infographic, the diagram of which is very simple, because in each column there is a box, while underneath you can see items that can be dropped out of it. There are several boxes in some rows because they can be used to obtain identical gold items.

The above infographic can be really helpful and will be of benefit to players who intend to open chests in Counter-Strike and want to take out a specific item or at least an item type from them.