What is a typical CSGO match on unranked like? It’s hard to believe that such things are happening

Getting started in CS: GO is difficult for everyone. This FPS is supposedly simple but actually complicated.

Every member of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community started their adventure with this title at one time. Of course, some may not remember, but the game is actually a bit complicated as you have to learn map position, spray patterns, movement, and much more.

One of the Reddit users posted a video of the round that perfectly shows how beginners play.

This round perfectly shows how CS: GO beginners play

Below you can see an entire round of newbies from the unranked. As you can see, despite the successful takeover of bombsite B – they were not able to adequately protect it before planting the explosive. In addition, they did not hear the disarming sound and they did not even glance at C4, which resulted in a lost round.

It is difficult to talk about outstanding skills in the whole situation, but the CT player cleverly used the inattention of their opponents.

The above round shows that unranked matches can be really fun, but only for experienced players. In fact, beginners themselves can get frustrated with such situations, so it’s not worth smurfing so as not to discourage new players from taking Counter-Strike. Especially since the latter has recently been experiencing its worse times, as we wrote about in this article.