What is this net_graph in CSGO anyway. Most players don’t have the faintest idea about this

A lot of CSGO players use net_graph, but don’t know everything about this command.

Net_graph is a famous command in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is used by a large part of the community, but most players pay attention only to ping, the number of FPS, and possibly loss%. They don’t realize what the other variables are about, but a Reddit user using the name “seaofmars” decided to explain it.

What are the other net_graph elements?

The image below explains each element of the net_graph command. We are talking about FPS, loss%, tickrate, var, choke%, and others. It is worth getting acquainted with it, because some people may have problems with the smoothness of the game, for example, and not be able to identify the problem. There are also people who do not use this command at all, so maybe it is worth running it.

To add net_graph to your screen, just enter the net_graph command in the console and add an appropriate variable to it, for example: net_graph 1. To disable this option, enter net_graph 0.

The command described above is really useful, especially for people who often have problems with the smoothness of the game. Thanks to this, they will be able to, for example, keep an eye on the number of FPS and ping.