What should a perfect CSGO prefire look like? No chance of getting your bearings

A member of the CS: GO community has unveiled the perfect prefire that makes quite an impression.

Prefire in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is often a very important part of the game. It is especially useful in situations where we know that an opponent can be focused on our position behind the wall.

The idea is to eliminate him faster than he does, so you need to shoot accurately almost at the same time you lean out.

What does a perfect prefire look like?

In the clip below you can see what the perfect prefire looks like. It must be admitted that it was made really well because the opponent did not even have time to see the player and shoot at him. Such plays require many hours of practice because it is not easy to shoot in such a way that the bullet flies perfectly after peeking and, in addition, hit the opponent.

It’s a good idea to use community workshop maps to learn a good prefire. This art may not be easy, but it is very useful, especially during tournament matches.