What will the CSGO map look like if you walk away from your computer for an hour?

Have you ever wondered if and how CS: GO will change if you go AKF for several dozen minutes?

CS: GO contains much different interesting stuff that is supposed to make the gameplay a reality. One of them is, for example, tumbleweeds. Of course, hardly anyone knows what it is by name, but these are plants that you have certainly seen in CS: GO.

It turns out that if you go AFK and return to the game, the entire map will be overwhelmed by them. The players, seeing this, already announced that they will be happy to conduct more of this type of experiment.

CS: GO after being AFK for an hour

One Reddit user with the nickname “awaaard” says:

“Apparently, if you stand idle on Grind for 50 minutes, the map will fill up with tumbleweeds.”

How does it look like?

It’s not something that changes CS: GO tremendously. However, this is a curiosity that is perfect for a weekend.