What would CSGO loading look like if Valve created a loading screen like in GTA?

It’s a bit of art for the sake of art, because CS: GO doesn’t load for a few minutes, but who cares? It is important that it looks cool.

Other online productions sometimes release shorter and longer animations that trigger when you start the game. This is usually to inform players that a major update has just come with a new map, changes, etc.

In the case of CS: GO it looks a bit different, mainly due to the fact that even during the operation there are so many changes that everything fits on two or three screens. Therefore, there is no place for extensive animations or loading screens here.

And yet the players show what it could be like

Reddit user “Ael_yt” created an animation that shows a CS: GO loading screen inspired by GTA. Even the logo itself has been changed to more closely match Rockstar’s vibe.

Of course, this cannot be used in the game, at least for the moment. The loading times are not that long, although on the other hand, sometimes you actually have to wait a bit.

The very idea of introducing these types of screens is interesting, although at the moment Valve has rather better things to do.