What would Fortnite-style emotes in CSGO look like? Will Valve decide to introduce them?

A CS: GO community member unveiled what Fortnite-style animations would look like on Valve’s FPS.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are rather skeptical about the animations in Valve’s FPS. The idea itself appears to be mocked rather than being a really desirable in-game feature.

Nevertheless, one of the CS community members decided to present what it could actually look like in the game.

What do Fortnite-style animations look like in CS: GO?

In the clip below you can see what the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive animations would look like in “natural conditions”. Admittedly, characters moving in such a way look a bit weird in this type of FPS, but it could be a matter of getting used to it. However, players are still quite skeptical about the whole idea:

Honestly, Valve shouldn’t really be adding new kinds of customization. I already feel that the agents have gone a step too far (messing with visibility and breaking team uniformity by having different factions on the wrong map). There are enough kinds of customization already. – wrote one of the Reddit users, eeeeeeeegor

Quite doubtful that the developers will decide to add animation to CS: GO, although Valve has already surprised players with their crazy ideas many times.