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Who has earned the most in CSGO so far? The richest players in the world

The earnings of the best CSGO players are no secret.

Esports for many people is just a waste of time and seems not to be a very profitable business, but you can easily find professional players who are really wealthy. The CSGO scene allows you to earn quite a lot, as evidenced, of course, by the highest-earning players.

How is the ranking of players who earned the most by 2020?

Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen is definitely the record holder, coming closer and closer to crossing the two-million-dollar mark. It’s worth noting that Astralis is still leading in the ranking below, of course excluding dev1ce, who joined Ninjas in Pajamas less than a month ago.

1. dupreeh Dania $1,899,156.07
2. Xyp9x Dania $1,875,455.23
3. dev1ce Dania $1,863,656.54
4. gla1ve Dania $1,728,517.41
5. Magisk Dania $1,492,615.30
6. Stewie2k USA $1,134,840.00
7. FalleN Brazylia $1,087,438.92
8. TACO Brazylia $1,064,658.27
9. fer Brazylia $1,063,038.92
10. NAF Kanada $1,030,265.66
11. coldzera Brazylia $1,028,401.46
12. ELiGE USA $978,196.42
13. karrigan Dania $972,335.39
14. nitr0 USA $920,151.73
15. JW Szwecja $908,260.68
16. olofmeister Szwecja $883,311.52
17. KRiMZ Szwecja $878,323.34
18. flusha Szwecja $877,668.95
19. Twistzz USA $861,876.43
20. flamie Rosja $852,086.74

Professionally playing CS:GO allows you to earn money, but it requires a lot of sacrifices. This job is not as easy as it seems. Either way, there is a certain chance of making a fortune.