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Will Jamppi return to CSGO and leave Valorant after getting rid of the ban on Majors?

Jamppi was in a difficult position, but thanks to Valve’s decision, he can return to CS:GO.

Before Valorant was introduced to the electronic sports market, Jamppi was in a very difficult position. He couldn’t take part in CS:GO Majors, so despite his great talent and passion for Valve’s FPS, he couldn’t fully spread his wings on the stage. Nevertheless, at some point a competitor of CS appeared in the form of Valorant, so he decided to move.

Some time ago, the developers decided to partially get rid of the Major ban for professional players who were punished with the VAC Ban.

Will Jamppi move to CS:GO?

Despite the partial deletion of the ban on participation in the Majors for professional players, Jamppi decided to remain on the Valorant stage. This is not a big surprise, as the young player has probably got used to the new production and is doing quite well there. One of his comments on the broadcast shows that he is unlikely to return to CS anytime soon:

Not only Jamppi decided to completely abandon CS: GO and transfer to the Valorant stage. Many other players have done the same, and it shouldn’t come as a big surprise. The game is progressing quite well and it’s also new, so this could be a great way to make history as a legend.