With the new CSGO update, even after purchasing Prime, you can’t play Ranked matches right away

A new update has come to CSGO that touches on the subject of Prime again.

If you haven’t noticed the new update, you haven’t missed a big deal. After a major patch, we’re back to standard updates. Standard, i.e. weighing several megabytes.

Today’s patch weighs in at 15MB, according to file trackers. Of course, it was released mainly for translation fixes, but there is also an important change to Prime.

New CS:GO update

As we read in the unofficial description, at this point, even after purchasing Prime, you cannot immediately enter a ranked match. Valve hasn’t mentioned anything about it, but it’s a direct answer to player requests.

The community has mentioned since the last update that there would be some kind of test period for the “new” ones in general so that they don’t necessarily jump out into the deep water right away. It can even be considered an additional tutorial.

So what happens if you want to play a ranked match right away? The client will display a message to you that you have to play unranked matches first. As the update is new, it is not known exactly how many of these matches need to be played.