Counter Strike Entertaining

xQc got a CSGO ban on Twitch. The chat couldn’t stop laughing

Famous streamer xQc decides to play CS: GO. Unfortunately, this adventure ended with a short ban for him.

xQc has decided to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in one of his last broadcasts. His in-game skills weren’t that overwhelming, but the streamer still seemed to be enjoying himself.

At one point, one of the rounds ended and players were respected on spawns. And here ends xQc’s adventure in MM.

What did xQc do to get banned?

As you can see in the stream fragment below – he made a spawning mistake that happens quite often. Well, he pulled the trigger right after defreezing the players, and as a result, he released a volley of shots. It could only have ended in one way – his teammates were injured, and he himself got a 30-minute ban for causing too much damage to his associates.

This mistake is quite common as players are shooting before being able to move- they are not looking at the clock.