Counter Strike

You just can’t see this opponent in CSGO, not even after watching a few replays

Agent models have been a very controversial topic since their introduction.

There are many different points of contention in CS: GO, but in this one, the community is rather agreeable. There should be an option in Valve’s production that either allows you to disable agent skins or make them more visible.

Why? This is perfectly shown by the situation that went viral 2 days ago. One of the Reddit users with the nickname “Gasberry” showed how sometimes it is difficult to spot the opponent, despite the fact that we are aiming more or less where he is.

It is really persistent, hard to notice even knowing it

Of course, there is compression here, but the exact same quality clip landed on Reddit:

Well, where’s your opponent? You have to really make an effort to see him. Best of all, the player who posted the whole situation was looking right here.

If Valve were to do something about it, decisions would probably have been made a long time ago. It is worth mentioning that many games have introduced red borders to simply be able to better locate opponents. For example, in Overwatch, you can manage how visible players are by reducing or increasing the amount of color around the player.