Cyberpunk 2077 claims that this is the fastest car in the game. The players show what it should look like

1,660 horsepower and it’s barely going? The players show what it should look like.

Traveling through the world of Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely one of the best things you can do in a CDPR game. Of course, usually, players drive cars which, well, according to the community, are not true to reality.

Of course, it is mainly about hardware capabilities, while the Caliburn, the fastest car in the game, reaches nearly 340 km/h (around 210 miles per hour) and although the gears change and the exhaust is getting louder, the car does not go any faster.

What if it was that fast?

Many people complain about the sense of speed at Cyberpunk. Therefore, the players themselves change different values with a series of mods. It is not difficult to understand this, seeing the fastest supercar overtake other vehicles as if it was driving a maximum of 150 km/h and not nearly 340 km/h. Basically, it looks like this:

Reddit user with the nickname “an0nym0usgamer” decided to show the community what it would look like if Caliburn actually reached the speed that Cyberpunk 2077 declares. The difference is easily visible.

Of course, computers and the rendering speed of the world are of the utmost importance here. It would be difficult for players’ computers to keep the game smooth while traversing the world so fast. In fact, however, the recording perfectly shows how big the discrepancy there is between the numerator and what it should look like.