Curious what Twitch is sending to its streamers as a thank you for 10 years on the platform?

Twitch has a ton of different types of products that it sends out to streamers for special occasions.

Sodapoppin during one of the last streams showed what he received from Twitch on the 10th anniversary of streaming. It is worth mentioning here that Soda is one of the top creators – 1.08 million subscriptions on Youtube and 3.1 million followers on Twitch.

Therefore, to celebrate 10 years of streaming, he received a special personalized package. Perhaps the most interesting, among all the gadgets there is a cap with the predecessor of Twitch –

If anything could be “OG”, it would be this hat. Recall that Twitch has come full circle in some way. was a streaming service where you could broadcast everything – food, pub breaks, races, and of course games. At one point, TTV broke away from Justin and became a standalone platform.

Today, Twitch is just like, but with better technology and greater ranges, while the core of the platform has returned to the state it was 10 years ago.

What else was in the package?

The entire package is inspired by the old Twitch. Therefore, TTV put in it even a mug with the old logo.

In addition, there was also a “badge”, but it is not amazing. The T-shirt with the streamer’s nickname looks much more interesting:

There are also very popular pins. Epic Games developers get the same.

Very few people will probably get such a package, so these pins may soon be worth a lot. As well as a cap or a T-shirt.