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Female Twitch streamer banned for kissing a friend during a pool broadcast

The streamer known as “kjanecaron” was banned after kissing her friend during a broadcast.

Yesterday, the Twitch community started getting loud about the new meta that would appear on the platform. It’s about kissing while streaming. Of course, Twitch reacted to this situation, and the channel was banned.

The official reason is unknown, but the streamer on her Instagram claims that Twitch banned her channel for 24 hours for “kissing a friend on the stream”.

The streamer believes that this is a poor behavior on the part of the platform. What was her offense?

Ban for kissing on the stream

The clip has been deleted, but this situation stays online forever. If you believe the streamer, she owes her 24 hours of rest from Twitch to this:

Is this contradictory to ToS? It is hard to disagree that it is sexually marked, and such behavior is banned on Twitch. “kjanecaron” began to gain popularity relatively recently, previously she streamed for a few years without any significant successes.

On average, she is watched by about 900 people, while the last stream was able to set a new viewer record, nearly 2.7 thousand viewers at one time.