Indiefoxx has lost her partner status on Twitch. The “pool” streamer still has the sixth ban

Indiefoxx is partnerless at the moment, it could mean two things altogether.

Indiefoxx is one of the two streamers who made “pool streams”. A few days ago, she got her sixth ban, and that’s a really dangerous number. In the past, streamers were banned permanently after 7 suspensions.

Interestingly, Indiefoxx lost its partner status. The website code shows that she is no longer a Twitch partner, and thus her chance of being permanently banned has increased significantly.

Indiefoxx loses her partner status

Nearly every time a streamer is banned, its partner status is checked directly in the website code. This is sometimes quite confusing because this status can only be taken away a few months after the permanent ban.

In any case, this status usually disappears as soon as the streamer is banned forever, without the possibility of recalling it.

There is a chance that it is so in this case, although it should not be taken as some confirmation. Partner statuses can sometimes tell you something, but following them 100% is definitely a mistake.

It is possible that Indiefoxx will lose a partner and continue to stream. Then, however, contact with Twitch will be very difficult for her, and the next ban will only be a matter of time.