Pokimane streamed from the pool, breaking Twitch’s record for this type of broadcast

OfflineTV hosted Pokimane’s birthday party at the pool, breaking the record for pool transmissions in the process.

When Pokimane announced her birthday party in the pool, many people completely did not believe it. Finally, it turned out that OfflineTV actually did it.

However, if you count on “hot shots”, we will immediately write that they were not there. They were all dressed in different outfits, but there were no bikinis.

A record of this type of streams was beaten

Already at the very start of the birthday stream, 100,000 people watched. No wonder, probably everyone expected to see Pokimane in a bathing suit swimming on a banana. Finally, the streamer was wearing a T-shirt with a printed swimsuit. Scarra definitely stood out with his creation.

The audience peak was recorded at 122,000 people. In total, Pokimane gained 16,000 followers, and VOD has already been watched over 400,000 times.

This record will be really hard to break. Unless suddenly xQc decides to stream from the pool. His roulette transmissions easily exceeded 100,000, there would be even more people when streaming from the pool.