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She’s doing pool streams, and been banned for bunny outfit. Twitch in all its glory

One of the streamers was banned for a bunny outfit.

“supcaitlin” is one of the streamers whose live streams consists mainly of swimming in the pool. Let us remind you that Twitch allows swimwear until the camera is not positioned in a specific way or when the swimwear is see-through.

According to the TTV community, such streams should generally be banned, largely because of their highly sexual nature.

“Swimwear is permitted as long as it completely covers the genitals, and those who present as women must also cover their nipples. Full coverage of buttocks is not required, but camera focus around them is still subject to our sexually suggestive content policy. Coverage must be fully opaque, even when wet. Sheer or partially see-through swimwear or other clothing does not constitute coverage.”

Ban for the bunny costume

The Twitch rules seemed quite funny to viewers at a time when the supcaitlin was banned for inappropriate attire. It’s just that it wasn’t about a swimsuit at all. To understand the problem, first, you should watch the most popular clips on the streamer’s channel.

Over 100,000 views on this one clip show that supcaitlin is really popular. Her other clips are as follows:

The ban imposed for 24 hours had nothing to do with it, however. The streamer confirmed on her social media that the platform had objections about the bunny costume.

The account has already been unsuspended and is still streaming from the pool. And viewers are increasingly wondering what exactly is going on here and why streams of this type are allowed at all.