Soda had to remove all VOD after that. Something nobody could have expected

Some games can really surprise you. So much that they are often the cause of the ban.

Soda is one of the most popular Twitch streamers who sometimes plays unconventional titles. Usually, it is profitable for him, because even these niche productions can be really interesting.

In this case, however, “interesting” means inconsistent with Twitch’s regulations. Although it is difficult to say whether it could actually be a ban, VOD and all clips were preventively removed.

What happened in there?

It’s hard to even say what kind of game it is, but at some point, the main character pulls out a knife, looks down, and… Yeah, see for yourself (there is no censorship in the original):

And now the question is, can you get a ban for something like that? Theoretically, this is a game. Many productions contain 18+ elements, but here they are connected in some way with an activity that may be linked to violence.

This is mainly why larger streamers have entire lists of “safe” games prepared by moderation first, or by people specifically hired to do so. Ban for something like this can last up to 30 days.