Streamers’ ASMR in provocative outfits as an esport, or how everyone makes fun of the new fashion on Twitch

What is happening on Twitch recently is funny for probably everyone, including other streamers.

CodeMiko is a streamer associated primarily with her virtual character. During her podcasts, 18+ topics have been discussed many times, including streams that attract viewers with quite provocative outfits.

The latest TTV vogue also reached her, which she decided to joke about. The clip from this situation immediately became popular, and the AMSR was mockingly called esports.

This is getting weirder

So far, the biggest streamers who started ASMR in leggings are Amouranth and Indiefoxx. They have been competing for viewers for many months, which CodeMiko decided to make a mocking comment about.

The streamer decided that this could be a new era of esports, which did not escape Reddit’s attention. The clip quickly became popular, and it’s hardly surprising. The ear-licking competition is something that has never happened before.

As a reminder, Twitch may ban such broadcasts provided they are “loaded” with adult content. However, the interpretation of this is quite loose, since such streams have been gaining more and more popularity for over a week.