Streamers make fun of Twitch’s stance about children watching women in bathing suits

Twitch organized a stream, which included some information about streamers swimming in the pools.

Twitch organized a broadcast, in which viewers could find out what position the platform currently has in the case of streamers who passionately broadcast in bathing suits while setting up swimming pools in their rooms.

In addition, there was also the topic of children and the fact that they are exposed to 18+ content. The response from the TTV representative aroused extreme emotions. Why?

A “brilliant” Twitch’s solution

According to Twitch, the solution to prevent children from watching streamers in swimsuits is manually selecting options for uninteresting content. So it turns out that it is the fault of the users themselves that they see such and not other transmissions – not Twitch.

Of course, this met with general criticism. Some people attacked the TTV from top to bottom, claiming that the system had nothing to do with it and that the platform should cut off all streams that are 18+. Others took it more humorously, pointing out to Twitch that it should be on their side to verify the streams and what is on them.

This case was and will be controversial. At the moment, it seems that Twitch does not want to ban such broadcasts for some reason. As we heard before, this is not a ToS violation.