The IRL streamer on Twitch panics after a monkey attack. This one robbed her of…

This is definitely one of the weirdest situations on Twitch. Live, a monkey robbed a streamer of a cake.

Broadcasts by IRL streamers are always really interesting and full of different experiences. It could not be otherwise since such creators usually go to fascinating places or simply communicate with interesting people.

This time, however, not a human was a stream star, but a monkey that literally attacked the author of the content on Twitch – “Winnieechang”.

What was the whole situation like during the broadcast?

Winnieechang has decided to take a road trip around Taiwan, which she of course broadcasts on her Twitch channel. There are various adventures that gather the interest of the platform community. However, this one stream turned out to be extremely exciting and quite fun at the same time.

Well, while walking, the streamer noticed a monkey walking on the bench. She decided to come a little closer to look at her, but she didn’t expect it to lunge at her. The animal took the girl’s cake, and then quickly ran away.

What’s funny – the monkey sat on the fence and began to eat the cake literally in front of Winnieechang.

The whole situation shows that you should not get close to wild animals, even if they seem to be harmless. At best, it might end up just in a stolen cake, although it would be much worse if a monkey decided to steal a phone.