The Twitch streamer “accidentally” slipped down her bra. For how long was she banned for this mishap?

One of the Twitch streamers has just been banned for her slip-up.

ImJasmine is a relatively popular Twitch streamer, followed by over 200,000 people. On Instagram, she has nearly 70,000 followers and you have probably seen her broadcast more than once in the recommended ones or on the main TTV website.

This is one of those people who have recently jumped into pools and streamed in swimsuits. Sometimes, however, it is unprofitable and results in a ban. These suspensions are not long. In this case, the ban for showing a part of the nipple will last 24 hours.

What is this ban for?

ImJasmine was banned for “accidentally” showing a breast fragment. Her reaction clearly shows that she knew full well she was about to be banned.

The suspension is not long, because we are talking about a one-day ban here. It is still completely unknown how Twitch determines how long the specific bans for certain offenses will be.

Ban is by no means severe. Such 24-hour suspensions do not have any major consequences in the form of even a shadowban – this occurs in the case of much longer bans, most often given for more than 7 days.