The Twitch streamer known for her “pools” perfectly roasted everyone in the chat by talking about their paycheck

If you’ve been following the Twitch scene at least a bit in 2020 and 2021, then you know exactly who Amouranth is.

It might seem that streamers known primarily from pool transmissions simply expose their bodies and that’s all. The biggest ones have long since switched to other platforms.

As a result, they earn millions of dollars a month, and they ruthlessly use it when talking to people who insult them. During one of the last broadcasts, Amouranth did exactly that.

“They’ve never called me broke”

There are a few streamers who like to show off their “Twitch Salary”, but this is a completely different scale. A clip in which the streamer talks about what kinds of nouns adjectives she meets with every day is gaining popularity on the Internet. We hear that people call her the worst, where “fat”, “ugly”, “stupid” are the lightest terms.

The streamer summed it all up saying:

(…) but you know what, they’ve never called me broke.

And this is probably the best summary of the whole thing with streamers who spend, for example, a year of their lives, so that they do not have to work for the rest of their lives ever again. The biggest influencers in the pool world earn millions of dollars a month, which they keep investing.