The Twitch streamer was happy for several seconds that she found nice players in Valorant

Women have a hard time playing Valorant. There have been times on Twitch where girls have been mistreated.

On Twitch, the clip of one of the streamers with the nickname “BrookeAB” is very popular. This is definitely not a random person, currently, she has over 1.2 million viewers. About 30,000 people have already watched this particular clip.

The streamer convinced that she has finally found people to play with, was happy and said:

“See, they are nice and I play better right away.”

So what happened that the face of “BrookeAB” changed from positive to not so much?

Premature joy

In such situations, it is easy to write that women are always insulted, but definitely not. Obviously, this is a very big problem that Riot is trying to deal with, but it doesn’t necessarily work out.

When the streamer was happy that she found positive players, one of them said something that completely broke her:

“Thanks mommy” received a perfect response. Chat immediately started to write “oh no”.

The match ended in a loss, but not because of “thanks mommy”. The streamer muted the player after a few texts.