TikTok has to remove this challenge because people end up in hospitals. Walking on…

Another challenge on TikTok ends with serious injuries. Thanks to doctors, the platform began to remove the videos.

Everyone knows the strange challenges on TikTok that arise out of nowhere. This is exactly the case this time. Someone came up with a brilliant idea to arrange the milk grids in a kind of track.

First of all, the challenge became popular in the US, and it was there that doctors began to report that more and more people trying to walk on milk bars are admitted to the hospital. Dr. Shawn Anthony pointed out in an interview with TODAY that people have broken wrists, sprains, had back injuries.

TikTok starts deleting these videos

What’s this all about? If people manage to do it, it looks like this (we advise you to mute your phone or headphones):

However, the vast majority of these challenges end badly, sometimes very badly. There are tons of videos on the net where people fall in the middle of going through the “track”.

Especially since this challenge is being modified. Sometimes they are done by two people trying to stand on one crate.

What for and why? It is not known, TikTok has its own rules, and parents urge to pay attention to whether the children do not accidentally try something similar. At this point, videos from this challenge are massively deleted, sometimes even entire accounts are blocked.