Tiktoker handed his fan an Iphone, but after turning off the camera, he tried to take her gift away

The girl deceived by Tiktoker.

Rather, no one is surprised by the fact that influencers from Instagram, YouTube, or even TikTok organize various contests and giveaways to increase their popularity and thank fans for their support.

Some, however, will do anything for numbers and recognition. It was shown by one of the Tiktokers who, after handing the gift to his fan and turning off the camera, tried to take it from her.

A gift from TikToker

On the Internet, it is currently loud about the Ukrainian influencer who gathered over a million followers on TikTok and Instagram and decided to record TikTok handing over the new iPhone to the first person who recognizes him on the street. After asking a few people if they knew him and receiving a negative answer, he came across a little girl with her mother who recognized him.

Of course, according to the announcement, she received a phone, hugged the idol and that was the end of the video. However, later, outside the camera, voloshyn_xx tried to take away the gift and offered up to 2,000 hryvnias, i.e. less than $ 80, as compensation. Everything was recorded and posted on the web:

As we can see, mother and her daughter did not want to return the phone, so Tiktoker decided to take it himself and snatched it from the hands of the shocked little girl.

This caused huge confusion on the web. Commentators are against such treatment of children and pay attention to exactly how such contests and films work.

If (contests) aren’t set beforehand, they are exactly that. Later, the children have to suffer and collide with reality, because their favorite creator turned out to be a cheat.

Such a large wave of criticism caused the influencer’s account to disappear from the portal, and his TikToks are currently unavailable. However, we should remember not to put everyone in one bag, because not everyone behaves unfairly towards their audience.