Twitch censored the word “obese.” An avalanche of critical comments from streamers

Twitch is very sensitive to the word “obese” but still not to bathtub streams.

The Twitch community in recent months is well aware of the many absurdities done by the platform.

Currently, there is a lot of talk about very controversial live streams from the bathtub, which, surprisingly, are accepted by the streaming service – this topic was discussed quite recently. By contrast, however, the word “obese” is forbidden, as the Nmplol streamer found out.

Why can’t you use the word “obese”?

In one of his recent broadcasts, Nmplol asked his viewers to predict whether he would be overweight or obese when he got on a scale. Unfortunately, it turned out that it was not possible as viewers could not choose the “obese” option.

This was followed by an avalanche of lynching from streamers who believe that the platform is too sensitive. At the same time they pointed out that “hot tub live streams” are still allowed.

The community is outraged by the fact that Twitch is trying to censor the language. A similar situation occurred with the word “simp”. However, the platform’s owners believe that in this way they counteract the harassment towards individuals.