Twitch has finally made an official statement about the pool streams. The platform is “watching”

Streams with pools and swimwear are incredibly popular on Twitch. What is the platform’s opinion on it?

To outline how many streamers there are wearing swimsuits, it is enough to mention that a special site “” was created just to select such broadcasts, cutting out all the others.

Everyone waited for any Twitch statement on this matter, and finally, during the official stream, a representative of the platform responded. Will anything change in this regard?

Twitch about such streams

Marcus ‘djWHEAT’ Graham explained during the Twitch broadcast what it looks like from the perspective of the platform itself. According to his statements, streams in swimsuits are allowed and do not break the rules as long as they are not erotic.

How does TTV differentiate between those broadcasts that are okay and those that break ToS? This remains completely unclear. It is known, however, that the platform is closely monitoring these streams and may take some specific actions soon.

You can see that Twitch doesn’t really know what to do with it all. The creators know that permanently banning people wearing swimwear would be pointless, as would introducing regulations regarding the location of swimming pools (indoors or outdoors). Everything can be circumvented in some way, for example by going to public swimming pools.

This is a tough nut to crack for the platform. Each decision can be highly criticized. The easiest way would be to simply forbid streaming from the pools set up at home.