Twitch partner banned for “insulting LGBTQIA+ creators.” The community demands a perma ban

A lot of drama appeared on Twitter due to the behavior of one of the streamers, which was supposed to insult.

The LGBTQIA + community reacted very harshly to one of Twitch’s partners, who allegedly insulted and encouraged to insult drag queens during the broadcast. As a result, the streamer was banned.

However, a lot of things contributed to the suspension, some clips show aggression towards other people, which of course is against the platform’s regulations.

Ban for insulting on Twitch

The clip that started this whole thing looks like this:

People started looking en masse to see if there were similar things on the channel and it turned out that the streamer was also insulting other people during various broadcasts.

As a result, the channel was banned. The LGBTQIA + community is demanding a permanent ban because the violations are so serious that the streamer should not return to Twitch. It is difficult to say whether the platform will agree to these requests. So far, it is known that the suspension is to last 7 days.

The length of the ban is unlikely to be changed. It may happen when the next such incident happens and then TTV can decide to give the streamer a perma ban.