Twitch plans to implement a discount on a multi-month subscription on a permanent basis. What you need to know

Twitch announced today that discounts on multi-month subscriptions will become a permanent feature of the platform.

Twitch used to organize discounts on multi-month subscriptions to channels that were not too big, but it was always some kind of saving for the person who decided to support a given creator anyway.

Today, the platform’s owners announced that the idea will be implemented permanently and the community will be able to constantly benefit from these small discounts.

What specific discounts are we talking about?

Monthly subscriber costs $ 4.99. If you choose multi-month support for 3 months, the user will pay $ 4.49 per month, while for 6 months, $ 4.24 per month.

As we read in the official announcement:

“Our default subscription recurs every month and you are charged on a monthly basis to keep your subscription to the streamer you are supporting. For multi-month subscriptions, you are charged every 3 or 6 months (whichever plan you choose) until you choose Don’t Renew Subscription”

Of course, these discounts only apply to buyers as creators will continue to receive the regular subscriber rate. It’s hard to say when the feature will be introduced on all channels on the platform, but it looks like it will happen in the coming months.