Twitch streamer permanently banned for milking a cow in New World. She recorded an apology

This is one of the funniest situations in recent weeks. AnnieFuchsia has been permanently banned in the new MMO – New World.

New World is a new production that has stormed Twitch. Lots of people stream it, which sometimes leads to funny situations. For example, AnnieFuchsia was permanently banned after milking a cow.

The situation went viral and reached another popular streamer known as Asmongold. Thanks to him, Annie Fuchsia was unbanned. Developers were to explain that the ban was granted by mistake.

Streamer apologizes

AnnieFuchsia decided to take the matter further and make a joke about the whole situation. So, on her official YouTube channel, there is a mocking apology in which she explains that she had no knowledge that a cow was actually a bull.

Of course, it’s all just one big mistake that shouldn’t have happened. Nevertheless, it turned out really funny. Even Twitch themselves has long since granted such a creative ban.