xQc tries to play Fall Guys with dozens of “stream snipers”. He gives up after 30 minutes

xQc is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, which is why playing online productions can be really difficult for him.

Stream sniping affects a very small number of streamers, but usually the most important ones on the platform. It was the ones who promoted many games, including Fall Guys. And although the production of Mediatonic is not as popular as it used to, many people still return to it.

Including xQc who tried to play Fall Guys on stream. Unfortunately, it turned out to be practically impossible, the streamer gave up after 30 minutes and turned off the game. Why?

Fall Guys and stream sniping

Each xQc match looked similar, a dozen or so people attacked him, as a result of which Felix was unable to get through any of the maps. His reaction shows that this isn’t the first time, so instead of getting pissed off, he just quit the game.

Fall Guys is still a great game for a moment to relax, it’s hard to get particularly nervous unless you’re fighting for the ultimate victory. Unfortunately, streamers do not have it easy, because they can be easily “sniped”, especially with as many viewers as xQc has.