YouTube adds a trim feature as well as chat and polls only for subscribers

YouTube owners are expanding their platform. New options have been added that will be felt by all users.

YouTube authorities are now trying to adapt their platform to streaming as much as possible. Accordingly, they add some options that not only streamline the broadcasting experience, but also add some convenience for viewers.

Features that have been added are part of the Twitch platform for a long time now, but are only now decided to be rolled out.

What options were added on YouTube?

You can now see a broadcast trimming tool and some videos on YouTube. With this change, you will be able to create clips, which is certainly really useful for stream viewers. The feature has been tested on a limited number of developers since January. Now, this option is available to any creator above 1000 subscriptions. Below you can see what the editor looks like:

Another new option is chat and polls only for viewers who subscribe to a given channel. This, on the other hand, has been tested by YouTube authorities since May and literally, every creator has access to it.

YouTube is becoming an increasingly popular streaming platform, so such changes come as no surprise. It is already a real threat to Twitch.