YouTube’s controversial decision has met with much criticism. It’s about showing ads

YouTube is facing a lot of criticism after the latest ad changes were announced.

Youtube is undoubtedly the largest website when it comes to video content. For this reason, each decision evokes a lot of emotions, especially when it comes to displaying ads. Users have just been informed that Youtube will make money regardless of whether the person is in the affiliate program or not.

It boils down to the fact that channels that do not yet meet the requirements for being a partner and those that have permanent demonetization are still to display ads – but the revenue from them will be for YouTube.

A controversial change on Youtube

Among the new changes, there is a point about advertising. It just means that all channels will show ads regardless of their partner status. Of course, this was met with great criticism:

YouTube will earn much more on less watched content, while the platform still does not allow novice creators to earn directly. It is worth mentioning that in America this rule has been in force since November last year. Now it is taking effect all over the world.