Everdale, the new Supercell game from the makers of Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans, has launched

Players can now download the beta of the new Supercell game, Everdale.

Everdale is something different than previous Supercell productions. Until now, all games have been somewhat competitive. In Everdale, it’s all about working together and building your village.

The gameplay is supposed to be pleasant, relaxing, there is not much competition here. It all starts with gathering resources and building your village.

Everdale – what is it about

The gameplay is mainly about taking care of the village. You have to ensure that the characters are sufficiently fed, warm, etc. The bigger your village is, the more difficult it is to keep everything under control. What makes Everdale stand out is collaboration with other villages. During the game, you will be assigned to clusters of villages. This makes it possible to use common goods.

Village “Teams” consist of 10 players. You will share deposits, specialized buildings, among other things, it also gives you the opportunity to exchange items.

The world of Everdale is very interesting. At first glance, it does not show everything it offers. The creators assure that they plan to organize events, add a storyline, and much more.

Everdale beta – Android & iOS

As for how to play, it’s very easy on Android devices. You just have to go to Google Play, search for Everdale and download the game. In the case of iOS, it is not possible to download Everdale at the moment and it is not known whether the beta will apply to Apple devices at all.