A Fortnite package was sold for $ 12,000. The auction for $ 50,000 is now underway

You’d think no one would buy it. Yet, the previous two copies were sold for USD 12,000.

Everyone knows that accounts in Fortnite or League of Legends can cost a fortune. Why, however, Fortnite versions can cost several dozen thousand dollars?

Previous editions sold for nearly $ 13,000 and there was absolutely nothing on them. You can see the purchase from June 13, 2021, above, so this is a fresh topic.

$ 50,000 for the package

At this point, the last, third piece of Fortnite box is displayed on eBay, which at the moment costs 49,000 dollars. The previous boxes have already been sold for 13,000 dollars, among other things.

Will it sell? It is possible so. This version is practically worth nothing to the average gamer. Maybe as much as you have to pay to save the world. It is an interesting collectible.

The same account has a lot of games listed, some of them also Fortnite, only with a different “quality” package and for a different platform.

Interestingly, people buy it and treat it as an investment. Just look at how many people are watching the auctions and how many pieces are left. A few months ago, there were a dozen of them, now there are only a few auctions left.