A mishap of the French Epic account showed what the upcoming cartoon skin for Fortnite looks like

Everyone knows such mishaps very well. Revealing a skin accidentally is always more interesting than a standard message.

There is a preview of a skin that is not in the game yet on the official French Fortnite profile. (What is the new announcement Epic has posted on its social media about?)

The entry was removed a few minutes after its publication, but with such a large number of leakers, it is difficult to hide the fact that the video saw the light of day.

What does the upcoming skin look like?

The skin presents a different, cartoon version of Meowscales. It is yet unknown whether it will be available alone or, as it was suspected – in the whole package with two other skins.

Of course, the release date remains unknown at the moment. However, you can guess that since the announcement came out today, we are probably talking here either about the next store, or a maximum of a few days.

The case with this package somehow takes a long time. Leaks first, then one trailer, now another. Perhaps there is some kind of cooperation or a mini-event behind all this? It’s just speculation, but Epic doesn’t typically pay as much attention to a single package.