A new biome is coming to Fortnite. It will be located in the central part of the map and will not have gravity

It gets more and more interesting when it comes to future Fortnite changes.

A week has passed since the start of Season 7, so it’s time for the first changes. Already this afternoon we can see some new weapons or items. Of course, this is not confirmed, because not every season between these big updates there were smaller ones.

Po tygodniu wiemy, że ten sezon na pewno nie będzie nudny. Może się tak wydawać, ale Epic standardowo daje te dwa pierwsze tygodnie nowych sezonów na poznanie wszystkich zmian. Jest to więc kompletnie normalne.

A new biome in Fortnite

The biome is called “No Gravity Biome”, which explains everything. According to leaks, the central part of the map will change. The files also contain tips about swimming or purple trees.

Below, the leakers posted sounds that already say quite a lot. The biome will be additionally marked – you won’t miss the entrance or the exit from it. This is because a very characteristic sound will appear during these activities. The steps themselves are also supposed to sound different.

It promises to be interesting, but what will come of it, it is completely unknown. By default, apart from these tips, there are no dates – which is a pity, because everyone is waiting for the first major changes in the game itself. So far, we have been relying only on leaks for a week, and relatively little has changed in the game.