A new glitch with XP and fishing in one of the Fortnite modes. Quickly gaining experience points

There is a new bug in Fortnite that allows you to quickly gain experience points.

Bugs from XP are always very eagerly used by players. No wonder, many people at this stage want to get the battle pass as soon as possible and wait until the next season. That is why the “MiG 8V8” mode is so popular.

This is the mode where the fishing glitch was found. People choose a harpoon that has no limit to use. And this leads to a fun sight where everyone is still fishing.

How to do it?

It is very simple to take advantage of this. Just enter the “MiG 8V8”, grab a harpoon and start fishing. Youtuber known as “GKI” came once again with a quick guide, explaining what to do with his characteristic accent.

Of course, as always, we remind you that purposeful use of bugs can have consequences. Although no ban has been confirmed for using XP glitch, this may change at any time.