A new type of skins is coming to Fortnite, in which wraps will be “free” styles

Very interesting cosmetic items that will use wraps will soon be available in Fortnite.

Epic is still messing around with cosmetic items, and players will soon receive a completely new type of skin. These are to use wraps in a very interesting way. This means that the color of a given skin can be practically any.

As steady as it is reactive. The skins themselves will adapt to the chosen skin – just like weapons or boats.

Update 17 at a glance:

A new type of skins in Fortnite

Furthermore, items such as backpacks and pickaxes will also be affected by this rule. The leaks show that:

  • You buy a skin, possibly a set of it
  • You can choose any wrap that you apply to the skin

There was even a video showing how it works:

It will be a really interesting solution that will cause some confusion. The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to clothing. Of course, the paints still have to be bought, but in fact we have unique skins practically for free – we use what we bought earlier.