A new zone has appeared in Fortnite. So far, these are 3 things that are constantly changing

Epic continues the theme with zones, as a result, another one has come to the game.

Three things are changing in Fortnite right now. This is the number of zones in the Holy Hatchery, the lobby where more and more parasites arrive, and the location of the mothership. Today, another, fourth, gravity-free zone has appeared in Fortnite.

One of the people who follows these threads all the time is a leaker – Kaspol. He provides daily updates on the ship’s position and is currently best known for this.

You have to wait for major changes

Apart from these three things, we will have to wait until next Tuesday for major changes. So far, these are the only novelties that appear. The zone, of course, also means capsules and cat food:

Regarding the mother ship, Kaspol has already published today’s position:

It is known from leaks that the ship will end up over the Coral Castle and will probably destroy it.