A secret announcement of a new Fortnite skin in the comic. This is another skin created in cooperation

Everything indicates that new skin is coming to Fortnite.

For people who followed all the information on a regular basis, it will not be a big surprise. We were talking about this skin a dozen or so days ago. It all really started when Epic published “secret” documents.

There were various skins that were or are about to come into play. Including Samus Aran, hero of Nintendo’s Metroid video games.

A new skin in Fortnite

Now a small detail has been revealed in the latest comic book showing that Samus Aran will almost certainly get her own skin. Few people will notice it at first glance:

On the left side there are images of several different skins.

There is no doubt here that these are the three skins:

We are talking here either about the 7th season or the last collaboration still in S6. Regardless of the date, there is little doubt here that Samus Aran will appear in Fortnite one way or another.