A secret update in Fortnite adds a new bow. How does it work, where to find it?

A new, secret patch has entered Fortnite. What has changed?

So, the story from two weeks ago repeats itself. A new bow has just been introduced to Fortnite. According to the leaks, this is the grappler version. Older players will surely know this mechanic.

When shooting, release the grappler. It allows you to stick to various types of surfaces. The item is very strong and is already in the game.

Something like a content update

Epic did something similar already two weeks ago. First came the update, then the Mythic Item was enabled. Now a new bow has been quietly introduced into the game. This one can be bought from Lara Croft in the Secret Fortress.

The new bow is really strong and will surely be the target of many players. You can see how it works below:​