A special code for a free Fortnite item. How to pick it up, where to enter the code?

In Fortnite, special codes for free items are released from time to time. This happens rarely, but it does.

Usually, such codes are given to YouTubers and streamers. They are often limited in time or in quantity to use, so hurry up. Recently, streamers got wrap codes, this time unfortunately it is not so good.

You can pick up a spray called “Squeezy Life”. So far, it is not known why the code was released for it, but it is probably about some kind of promotion.

Code for free graffiti

Of course, we enter the code on the official Epic Games website – CLICK. It looks like this:


If you like these types of items, it’s really worth it. If you are completely not interested in graffitis, then you can let this one go.

So far, it is not known if the code has a limit of use, but it is possible that it is – so you need to hurry, because in a few dozen minutes it may be over.